Clean campsite

How to Keep Your Campsite Clean

Keeping a clean campsite is extremely important if you want to have an enjoyable time.

I’ve been involved in so many messy and dirty campsites where others simply didn’t know how to maintain them (or didn’t have the right camping accessories).

Luckily, this post will tell you all you need to know about keeping your campsite clean.

Camping tent near trees in forest with sun shining

1. Keep dirt out of your tent

You don’t want to get dirt from the outside going inside your tent, as this will spread dirt and germs in the place that you’ll be sleeping in – which isn’t fun!

2. Try to pitch up near trees

Not only does this help protect you from the sun, but you can also dry out your clothes or lanterns on the tree branches.

3. Set up trash and recycling bags

When you set up your campsite, it can be easy to forget about getting trash and recycling bags ready. You’ll be surprised how quickly you end up throwing things away, so this should be one of your first priorities!

4. (Try to) wash your clothes properly

Nobody wants dirty clothes to stay dirty at the campsite. Using a bucket and a clean plunger, you can essentially create your own make-shift washing machine. Sounds cool, right?

Cut a hole on the top lid of the bucket that can fit the plunger handle through, and simply add your dirty clothes along with water and soap until it has filled up the bucket. You can then seal the top of the bucket and use the plunger to effectively clean your clothing.

5. Waste management is important

This stuff is important and has to be mentioned when going camping. If there are no outhouses or bathrooms in your campsite, you’ll have to make-do. Bringing some towels will be ideal for getting rid of your own waste, but make sure to dig a small hole (that is far away from water). It’s more ideal if you have waste bags ready, and this should already be the case if you’ve brought pets with you.

Clean campsite
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