How Hiking Helps Mental Health

How Hiking Helps Mental Health

Mental health is incredibly important – there’s no question about it.

With such a sensitive issue at a time where the world is still uncertain and dangerous, it’s more important than ever to address it.

Hiking is an activity that can improve your mental health in numerous ways.

Focusing on nature

Hiking acts as a way for you to focus on nature, as opposed to everything else you’re going through in your life.

Breathing in fresh air and putting your focus on your hiking is one way to shift your attention to something that is very calming, stress reducing, and one that can lower the risk of depression.

Reducing rumination

Rumination is when you have a deep thought about something, and can often lead to OCD and/or eating disorders. Hiking can reduce this as your thoughts will be muted as you hike on the trail.

In turn, this can positively affect your mental health as your mind is more open to your current state while hiking.

It can also ensure that you maintain a regular appetite for food, as this is extremely important for hiking so you have enough energy to continue on your adventure.

Strengthening relationships

Hiking with other people is a great way to solidify relationships and make you feel happier.

Hiking with a companion offers a sense of safety and allows you to connect better with others.

The ability to converse with other hikers is a fantastic way to keep your mind on the positives and help build stronger relationships with others.

Sparking creativity

Hiking is an activity where you can get really creative, from singing songs during a hike to narrating your journey in your head.

Being in the great outdoors is something that often sparks creative thoughts because of experiencing nature in a way that you wouldn’t normally do.

Creativity can definitely put your mind at ease and improve your mood – both of which are critical to improving your mental health.


There are so many benefits of hiking, and your mental health is something that you should look after (along with your physical health, of course).

Nothing beats an excursion into the great outdoors, and your mind (and body) will thank you for it.

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