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5 Ridiculous Camping Myths

Let’s face it.

There’ll always be somebody out there spewing straight up lies about camping.

This article is meant to give you an insight into some of the most ridiculous camping myths of all time.

Myth #1 – Camping is dangerous

This is probably the most common camping myth of all time.

Camping is perceived to be dangerous because it involves sleeping outside of what most would consider a normal setting (e.g. a house).

What most people don’t realize is that camping in the outdoors is extremely safe, especially if you’re at a campsite.

There’s not a whole lot that can go wrong, and I’ve never had any problems or felt in danger while camping.

So yeah, camping is perfectly safe and you shouldn’t worry about anything crazy happening.

Myth #2 – It’s hard to fall asleep

This myth is absurd.

I’ve had better night’s sleep while camping than anywhere else.

Many people think because it’s outside, the terrain won’t be comfortable to sleep on, and therefore, it’ll be hard to fall asleep.

The truth is, if you have the best sleeping bags for camping, you’ll have no trouble at all falling asleep.

It’s also way easier to fall asleep while camping because of how connected you are to nature.

The quietness of the night and the overall aroma will make falling asleep much easier than you might think.

Myth #3 – You’ll have no access to technology

If we rewind a couple of decades, sure, you wouldn’t have a lot of tech with you on your camping trips.

However, most campsites nowadays have accessible WiFi, allowing you to connect with your close family and friends.

Technology in general has improved a lot in recent years, so you shouldn’t worry about not having access to Instagram so you can share your latest camping photos.

Also, for a WiFi connection outdoors, they’re pretty powerful!

Myth #4 – The food will be nasty

This is another ridiculous myth that people love to bring up when discussing camping.

If you bring the best camping kitchen equipment, you’ll easily have some amazing food while camping.

Core equipment such as a Dutch oven will allow you to enjoy some amazing meals.

The entire vibe about eating in the great outdoors is incredible, and many people don’t quite seem to grasp this fact.

All in all, bring the right gear for your camping kitchen and your food will taste incredible!

Myth #5 – Camping isn’t romantic

I decided to save the best myth for last, and this is something I hear many couples say to me.

The reason people think that camping isn’t romantic is because of the outdoorsy feeling to it, which is unnatural for most people nowadays (especially in the US).

Camping with a partner is very romantic.

You get to experience nature in ways that you normally wouldn’t, and I find that it lights a spark in any relationship.

Don’t get the impression that you will look scruffy all the time and not as beautiful as your usual self, because you’ll quickly find that camping is actually one of the most romantic activities you can do with a partner.

And you can take my word for it!

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