Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping in 2021

You can’t go camping without bringing along a sleeping bag. They can be the reason for either a regrettable or restful night’s sleep. The best sleeping bag for camping will ensure that you have enough warmth and comfort whenever you hit the hay whilst camping.

The are many sleeping bags on the market, which makes it harder to choose the right one for your needs. The good news is that our team of experts have compared several sleeping bags side by side so we can help you choose the best sleeping bag for your camping outing. Our list below comprises of the 10 best sleeping bags for camping in 2021.

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Best Sleeping Bags for Camping: 2021 Buyers Guide

Sleeping bags (at least, the good ones) can be pricey, so it’s important to know what to look out for so you end up making the right purchasing decision. We’ve  listed for critical factors to consider when on the hunt for the best sleeping bags for camping.

1) MATERIAL – For you to choose the best sleeping bag for camping., you need to understand the nature of different materials that are used in designing these kinds of bags.

The best sleeping bags for camping are often made of Polyester or Ripstop outer. These materials are durable and resistant to scratch. They are also waterproof, thus increased warmth. Average camping sleeping bags are made of nylon or taffeta, which are breathable materials and relatively affordable but not entirely waterproof. As such, these sleeping bags are primarily used for truck camping.

The sleeping bag’s inner lining is also another factor to look into. The best sleeping bag’s linings are made of polyester and nylon, which are highly breathable materials and water-resistant.

Some sleeping bags feature cotton inner linings, which is highly breathable and comfortable to wash. The downside with cotton linings is that they trap moisture hence can only be used in truck camping.

2) SIZE – Size is another vital factor to consider when looking for a suitable sleeping bag keenly. These bags come in different sizes to fit a wide range of campers. A shorter sleeping bag loses heat due to compression of the insulation while a long sleeping bag is less warm due to the availability of large area to heat up.

A good number of the best sleeping bags for camping come in two sizes. The extended version fits up a 6″6 individuals while the regular version fits up to 6 feet. It is not common to find shorter versions but if any, they accommodate height up to 5″6. The size you choose depends on the size of those intended to use it.

3) SHAPE – Sleeping bags come in several shapes to choose from. The shape that you choose will depend on several factors. Here is a brief description of the common sleeping bag shapes:

Mummy sleeping bags are designed to be wider around the shoulders and feet. They also come with a large hood that can be rolled up for better coverage during cold conditions. This type of sleeping bags is popular among hikers who love a snug fit around their body. They retain a lot of heat thanks to their adequate fill.

Rectangular sleeping bags are more common thanks to their roominess. They make the best sleeping bags for families because of this reason. These bags can be split into two to make a blanket and can also be used in several camping set up including van camping. Another reason as to why they are popular is that they are affordable. The only downside is that they are heavy to carry and difficult to fold for storage.

Semi- rectangular sleeping bags are barrel-shaped with a broader shoulder area and adequate foot box. They are medium-sized, a perfect balance between rectangular and mummy sleeping bags.

Double sleeping bags are designed to offer more room than any other sleeping bag shape. The sleeping bags are designed popular among couples as they can comfortably room two people.

4) INSULATION – Camping sleeping bags are usually designed with either synthetics or goose down insulation. There is no correct answer as to which one is better than the other. The key to choosing between the two insulations available is to know what type of camper you are.

Chemical processes manufacture synthetic fillings. Synthetic fillings are available in different types and materials. A single brand can use other synthetic materials to manufacture various kinds of sleeping materials, depending on the need. Synthetic fillings feature weatherproof materials that ensure warmth during cold and rainy conditions. These type of sleeping bags are washable and extremely durable.

Goose down, also known as down fill, is made to resist moisture. The fillings are all-natural and fold down completely for easy packing. Most of the sleeping bags featuring this type of insulations typically have what we call fill rating. Fill rating simply let you know how much goose fill goes into the sleeping bag.  The 3 season sleeping bags come with less goose filling as compared to the four-season bags. For warm weather, you need lighter fillings of about 600-800 and a filling rating of about 1000 for cold weather.

5) SEASON RATING – Each sleeping bag for camping comes with a season rating. There are about 5 season ratings which describes minimum conditions under which the bag can be comfortably used.

One-season sleeping bags are designed for use in the indoors. They are light in weight with minimal fillings thus not suitable for any outdoor conditions. 

Two-season sleeping bags are designed for hot or warmer outdoor conditions. They can be used for camping during the last months of spring and early months of Autumn. 

Three-season sleeping bags are the most popular bags in the market. They offer enough warmth during winter and remain comfortable in warm or hot temperatures, thus their name. 

Four-season sleeping bags are designed for campers who camp all year long. The bags provide comfort and warmth in the most extreme temperatures without any issue. 

Five-season sleeping bags come with extra fillings thus suitable for negative temperatures like those experienced at the mountain top.

6) TEMPERATURE RATING – The temperature ratings of a sleeping bag represent the lowest temperatures at which the bag will remain comfortable. This is an important aspect to consider when buying a sleeping bag. If you love camping during late fall, then you need a 3- season sleeping bag which features temperature rating from 15 to 30 degrees. On the other hand, you will have to go for higher ratings if you are a summer camper. Winter sleeping bags come with a temperature rating of 15 degrees or less. Always go for a sleeping bag with temperature ratings that will serve your camping needs.

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If you are looking for a stylish best sleeping bag for camping, then you might be interested in the North Face Eco sleeping bag. This bag is designed to ensure you have comfort at all times.

This best camping sleeping bag features an innovative heat rating design to ensure that your temperatures match those of your conditions. It has three different temperature ratings. F8or the warm night it is recommended that you use the synthetic insulated bag which has 40 -degree limit. Moderate conditions, you can add the 800-fill goose for your comfort. Finally, for freezing temperatures, you can add a third layer on top if of the goose fill for increased warmth.

This roomy camping sleeping bag allows you to add a mat for your feet at the foot area for the extra comfort that you deserve. It’s also lightweight and easy to fold down for storage.

It has a properly fitted hood that you can take advantage of when the weather becomes freezing. To the side, there are some small deep pockets where you can securely keep your gadgets as you take a good night sleep.

The bag is made of durable recycled Polyester Ripstop and water-resistant outer layer, which is environmentally friendly. There are two types of the sleeping bag, and you get to choose between a long and regular type. You also have to choose between the right-handed or left-handed zipper. There is no doubt that you will love this decently priced best sleeping bag for camping anywhere.



Kelty is popular for different types of camping sleeping gear. However, Kelty Cosmic 20 is the most popular sleeping bag from this brand, all for good reasons as you will find out in this review.

This is a lightweight sleeping bag for moderately built individuals. It has a 600-fill down that ensures warmth and perfect compressibility for that deserved rest.

This mummy-shaped sleeping bag features a hydrophobic later that prevents any moisture or water from getting in. This sleeping bag might not offer the best insulation when camping in extreme cold, but it will serve well in moderate condition.

There is a built-in draft collar hood that prevents drafts from keeping your head at comfortable temperatures. For overall comfort, the bag makes use of 20D nylon taffeta shell with 50 polyester taffeta liner, which are high quality and extremely cushioning materials.

The 20-degree rating is decent hence ideal for 3-season camping. With Kelty Cosmic, you get a tighter fitting and easy portability.



The Sleepingo Double sleeping bag offers excellent comfort that you will not find with most highly-priced sleeping bags for camping. This extra spacious bag is designed to accommodate two adults comfortably.

The bag is rated at 32 degrees which means you get enough warmth even during the cold nights. Its inner lining is made of the 210 thread which is perfect in keeping the bag as warm as possible. Also, the inner lining features a soft silk layer that compliments your comfort.

The outer layer is made of polyester fabric with waterproof features. The material is high quality hence durable in the long run. The coating keeps away moisture and mist for a better camping experience.

For your neck support, this is one of the best sleeping bags for camping, and it features a built-in pillow that is extremely comfortable.

Amazingly, this camping bag is seamless to transport despite its size. Its weight allows for backpacking over a long distance. It folds easily and comes with a compression sack, so storing it will not be a headache.



When it comes to backpacking, down sleeping bags are better compared to synthetic bags. The Nemo Forte sleeping bag is a perfect balance between the two types of insulations. This sleeping bag is made using PrimaLoft Rise Insulation which enhances functionality without adding unnecessary bulk thus making this of the best sleeping bags for camping in Africa (when I was in Zimbabwe for a week). For tropical climates, you’ll need a lightweight, moderately filled sleeping bag.

Nemo Forte Ultralight is one of the roomiest camping sleeping bags for those looking for something wider for comfortable side sleeping. This spoon-shaped has a wide shoulder length and hip area to ensure that you can fold your legs and remain comfortable.

This best camping sleeping bag has a large hood and a pillow pocket so that you can slide a pillow in for extra comfort. Interestingly, the Nemo Forte does not feature a draft tube like the rest of the sleeping bags in our list. Instead, the bag features a blanket fold which can be pulled up the neck and down depending on the weather.

If you need small pockets where you can store your essentials, then this sleeping bag will be ideal for you. The pockets keep your gadgets warm at night away from all the weather elements.



There is no doubt that the ALPS Mountaineering 20 is one of the most adaptable sleeping bags for camping in 2021. The Spectrum 20 features a versatile design which makes it popular among campers.

It comes in a 2-in-1 design, meaning that you can split it up for double or single-use. This is a rectangular- shaped double-sized sleeping bag which makes it ideal for couple campers who wish to sleep and stay warm together.

You can also decide to sleep on the two layers, especially when camping during extreme heat. The Alps Mountaineering sleeping bag comes with a 20- degree temperature rating which makes it ideal for camping in various environments.

This bag is made with a 210T polyester ripstop fabric which is durable to last years to come.

You will have access to two medium-sized inner pockets where you can safely store your gadgets as you rest.



Therm-a-Rest is a sleeping bag designed for versatility; it is ideal for hikers and campers looking for excellent down insulation at an affordable price.

This bag is pretty new in the market but has quickly become a household name thanks to its comfort-oriented features. The mummy-style sleeping bag has few features to promote lightweight for easy backpacking.

You will love a box baffle construction which highly minimizes cold spots thus increased comfort. Zoned insulation is another aspect of this sleeping bag that you will love. The 70 per cent of the insulation is located at the top while 30 perfects of it are placed at the bottom; the main reason for this is to ensure adequate insulation where it matters most. Furthermore, the Therm-a-Rest has a heat rating of -6 degrees which makes it ideal for 3- season camping.

The bottom of the bag has straps all around that are meant to keep the bag’s pad in place. You can get rid of the straps anytime for other types.

The outer section of this best sleeping bag for winter camping is made of 10D Nylon Ripstop that is durable and washable. There is a draft code along the zipper to wick away cold.

This incredible sleeping bag comes in three sizes to choose from; it is also unisex thus ideal for any camper.



Marmot is a popular sleeping bag brand thanks to its specialty in manufacturing some of the best synthetic sleeping bags in the market.

Marmot Elite Eco is one of the best sleeping bags for camping for several reasons. First, the bag features an impressive 32-degrees certified rating, which makes it one of the best all-weather sleeping bags for the money. Secondly, the bag comes in a lightweight design which makes it easier to transport to your preferred camping site.

The third reason as to why the Elite Eco is one of the best camping bags is that it is made of high-quality trestles by incorporating HL-ElixR Eco micro insulation that is a product of recycled fibers. The insulation technology ensures that this sleeping bag is comfortable and ideal for camping anywhere.

The sleeping bag has anatomically designed foot box for more room to relax and stretch your feet thus more comfort.  The bag has a secondary zipper for enhanced ventilation and can also be used as easy access.

The Marmot Elite Eco is perfect for backpacking hikers who are looking for a sleeping bag that is easy to carry and one that is used anywhere during any season.



Naturehike is the best pick if you are looking for an extra soft sleeping bag for camping.  The bag has a whopping 95% of white goose filling, which makes it one of the most comfortable sleeping bags around.

This mummy-shaped sleeping bag has excellent comfort. It features enough space for you to turn around and sleep comfortably.

This 4-season camping sleeping bag is made of 20D Ripstop Nylon. This outer cover is durable and more lightweight than most all-weather sleeping bags. Ripstop is a durable material that is resistant to water and other harsh weather elements.

The sleeping bag is made of 15D 400T Nylon which makes it one of the best water-resistant bags for camping. This incredible sleeping bag is available in beige and dark blue colors to choose from. You also get to choose from the two available sizes.



Exped Megasleep Duo is one of the best lightweight sleeping bags for camping in 2021. This is a versatile two temperature ratings sleeping bag for camping.

Exped Megasleep was explicitly designed for those in need of a roomy sleeping bag for extensive camping. This rectangular-shaped best camping sleeping bag has a 2-in -1 design that lets you use it as a blanket for several other occasions in the outdoor space.

This is a durable synthetic insulated camping bag thanks to its polyester microfiber fill that ensures you remain warm during cold weather. We recognize the 40D ripstop nylon outer design that provides adequate insulation regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, there is a full-length draft tube that minimizes the cold episodes.

Consider this sleeping bag if you are interested in one that can comfortably fit tall individuals. With this bag, you get enough sleeping freedom like you deserve while camping. What’s more, is that you can add a second Exped Megasleep sleeping bag to increase the sleeping surface area.



Sea to Summit Explore Down series is for those who love freedom whilst sleeping. This rectangular shaped sleeping bag is made with multiple zips to allow you to air any part of your body if need be.

The baffles at the chest area prevent migration of the down insulation from the chest area to the outer side of the bag as you turn during your sleep. Additionally, the side baffles ensure that you have enough insulation at the top for better sleep.

The lengthy draft tubes are competent when it comes to preventing heat loss. Together with the 750-down fill, you can be assured of warmth and comfort. You will love the foot- box that is wide enough for relaxed rest.

For added comfort, this best sleeping bags seamlessly integrates with Sea Summit sleeping mats. The mats are affordable and offer the utmost experience when paired with this sleeping bag.



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Honorable Mentions

The following sleeping bags for camping did not make it to our top 10 list. However, they come with all the necessary feature that ensures you are taken care of in terms of sleep while camping:

  • REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bags – ideal for those looking for a sleeping bag with an extra soft interior for increased comfort. The bag’s outer is made of polyester fabric which is exceptionally durable and waterproof. The bag is available in two fill options for different camping regions. You can choose the three-pound fill if you love camping in summer and a four-pound filling for cold temperatures. The two reversible zippers ensure easy access and more ventilation.
  • Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag – one of the best children’s sleeping bags for camping. The bag is designed to meet each sleeping need for your little ones each time you are out camping. This is a 30 -degrees EN certified sleeping bag that ensures your children are sleeping in the right temperatures. There is a Zip Plow system that ensures the fabric is away from the zipper to enhance easy access and closure. This is the best summer children’s sleeping bag for camping. REDCAMP kids sleeping bag is an excellent choice if you are looking for a 3-season unisex bag.
  • Eureka! Kiewa Sleeping Bag – one of the best affordable sleeping bags for tall campers. Eureka is known for designing best sleeping bags for big and tall individuals, and the Eureka Kiewa 20 is just but one of them. This sleeping bag is hot and comfortable. It has a complete foot box that makes it possible for the bag to accommodate people as tall as 6″7. The bag fold easily for easy and fast storage.
  • Hyke & Byke Shavano Sleeping Bag – designed for cold season campers. It is designed with a high-quality waterproof material that ensures you retain your body temperature for a comfortable night rest. It has horizontal pockets that help keep it in place. The sleeping bag is extremely lightweight. At only 650 pound fill, you will find the bag warm hence suitable for all 3-season camping.
  • Big Agnes Dream Island – ideal for those looking for a wide and long yet affordable sleeping bag. The one incredible feature that we love about this bag is that it has a hood that comes with separate draft collars for retaining heat. The Agnes big dream sleeping bag comes with a sleeve where you can insert your sleeping pad. This sleeping pad takes the place of the polyester insulation at the bottom, thus increasing comfort and warmth. The pads are sold separately, but the Ultra Core pad and Insulated Q core SLX are affordable and durable therefore worth considering.

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