Best Camping Tents

Best Camping Tents (Updated for 2021)

Are you planning to spend some time outdoors and you’re not sure which camping tent to buy? The reality is that most people find choosing a camping tent quite hectic and confusing because so many factors go into this purchasing decision. It’s totally fine to feel overwhelmed, since there are lots of camping tents on the market – and a tent is probably the first item on any camper’s list.

To save you time and money, we’ve put together a list of the best camping tents that are high quality and suitable for your upcoming camping adventure.

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Best Camping Tents: 2021 Buyers Guide

Choosing a camping tent can be an uphill task, but you can choose the best camping tent for your needs effortlessly using the following checklist. Here are some key factors to take into account when looking for a camping tent:

1) DESIGN – Camping tents come in different designs. The design you choose depends on your camping needs.

  • Cabin tents are the best family camping tents thanks to their generous interior. The walls are vertical, which easily enhances the center peak height for easy movement while in the tent. Some of these tents come with a wide window and doors making them look like a real home. A good number of modern cabin tents feature closets and extra pockets for storage of your essentials. The tents are designed for more than 4 people. The larger ones accommodate up to 12 individuals.
  • Yurts are semi-permanent round tents are often popular in permanent campsites and can accommodate several people thanks to their roominess.  The only downside of this type of tent is that they are quite expensive.
  • Teepee camping tents offer a large space but often lack floors, making them unsuitable for winter camping. Otherwise, they come at an affordable price and can be effective when camping in the daytime summer.
  • Backpacking tents are mainly designed for those who wish to travel with their tents and camp wherever possible. These tents are light and small in size, which makes it easy to carry along. The backpacking tents usually accommodate 1 to 2 people, but larger sizes are also available.
  • Instant tents have been around for ages. They are easy to set up hence convenient. The poles come attached to the tents, and this eliminates the need for multiple people set up.
  • Tunnel tents feature an arched design, which means they have adequate interior space, especially for the camper’s head. Tunnel tents are not as common as the rest of the designs mentioned here, but they are slowly gaining popularity. It is nice to see top camping tent brands give a thought to this design. Rei kingdom, Coleman, and Eureka are some of the brands that design this type of tent.

2) CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIALS – Camping tents are made of different materials.  The main factors that affect camping tent materials are seasonality and price. Camping tents that feature higher seasonality ratings come at a higher price.

The most durable camping tents offer UV protection. Canvas tents are quite durable as compared to polyester tents.

It is also important to look at the tent’s overall construction. Some use pegs, while others use pegs. The most important question to ask yourself is: “is it worth the money?”

Seam sealing is also an important aspect of tent construction to look into when buying a tent. The seam sealing should be able to prevent water entry via the stitches. Ensure that the tent’s seams are properly sealed.

Also, consider the weight of the tent and its size when packed. Heavy tents might be more durable but are not easy to transport over long distances. A lightweight tent is best when you intend to camp far away from home. It would be best if you considered the weight of the tent you intend to buy and look at the poles’ weight and the included rainfly.

3) SIZE – Camping tents are available in various sizes and shapes. The most common sizes include; one-person tent, 2-person to 8-person, and any other size in between. The size of the tent you buy depends on the number of people who’ll be using it in one go.

4) CAMPING SEASON – Different campers camp at different times. However, many campers opt for 3 season camping tents.

  • 1-season camping tents are extremely lightweight hence ideal for summer camping. They don’t feature a rainfly, and so they will not be ideal elsewhere.
  • 2- season tents are quite basic but feature a rainfly. Even with the rainfly, it is unfortunate that you won’t get enough weather protection in the rain. For this reason, they are ideal for summer camping.
  • A three-season camping tent has two sides, which means they have a wall that comes with a solid material that withstands heavy rains, winds, and a harsher climate. The upper sides features a mesh that offers enough ventilation, which also eliminates condensation. These tents come with a rainfly; how big or small depends on the tent’s size. The rainfly is simply the upper, waterproof layer that is seamlessly tossed on the mesh when need be.
  • A four-season camping tent is ideal for those planning to camp all-year-round. These tents are majorly used for mountaineering or camping during winter. Due to their insulation features, they are not suitable for summer camping.

5) TENT FLOOR – Your tent flooring should aim to provide warmth and comfort even during the coldest nights.  A bucket floor is one of the best types of tent flooring, thanks to its durability.

For a better camping experience, you might need a few tent accessories. Most of the camping tents are compatible with add-ons to ensure you are comfortable while outdoor.

A footprint is the most common tent accessory. A footprint can be placed under the tent floor to provide extra insulation, thus increasing the tent’s warmth and comfort.

Tent carpets are also common among die-hard campers. Carpets are great for keeping your feet warm while in the tent. They are necessary, especially for longer hikes.

Tent porches help you add some spice to your camping. Tent porches are extensions that provide adequate storage for gears. Windbreaks are used to enhance privacy while camping.  They are a must-have tent camping accessory if you love camping with a group of people.

6) DOORS AND VENTILATION – It’s important to consider the door’s size that you will use to get in and out of the tent. Small tents often come with a single door, while bigger tents feature two doors;  both front and rear.

The top camping tents come with adequate mesh vents to ensure proper air-circulation, thus enhanced comfort. The mesh also prevents condensation that might wet your beds and belongings.

7) PROTECTION – The outdoor weather can be unpredictable at times. However, you can get past any weather misery by choosing a tent with adequate weather protection. If you love camping in the tropical, you might need to choose a 3- season tent, which normally comes with a dedicated design to withstand high and low temperatures. If you love camping during summer and spring, then the two seasons tent will be ideal for you. When it comes to protection, ensure that you consider the seasons in which you camp; it is the only way to know which tent is worth taking home.

8) SETUP – Setting up a tent can be hectic, especially for beginners. Fortunately, some types of tents are easy to set up than others. The pop-up tent takes just a few minutes to set up, which makes it quite convenient. 

Large tents may be harder to set up, but some brands use color-branded poles so that users can know which poles go where.

Camping tent during the summer


This tent easily accommodates 4 adults. However, you can choose to camp with one person if you wish to enjoy excellent ventilation and comfort. This best tent for camping with a toddler comes with all the features you need to ensure your little one is truly comfortable. Continue reading to see why this is the best camping tent on our list.

The tent features The Weather Tec System construction that enhances tent dryness, especially with shallow rains. It is also made with tub-like floors with patented corners welds and dedicated seams that ensure optimal weather protection.

The tent comes with built-in pockets, which can help you stay organized while camping. We love the extra E-port that allows you to charge your gadgets. This is a classic feature that does not come with most camping tents in the market.

This dome designed camping tent comes with a rain fly that helps keep away moisture, rain, and strong winds to ensure that your family remains comfortable all through camping.

This is one of the best luxury camping tents, and is made of durable polyester, double-lined for that long-lasting effect. The tent doors are wide enough for proper flow of air, and the large windows can be opened for ventilation or closed to provide privacy when necessary.

Coleman Sundome 4 is made with a simplified design, which ensures easy setup. The tent has strong, durable pole sleeves and a pin-ring system, which significantly makes the set up a breeze.

The tent comes with a pack for easy and convenient storage. The tent does not take much of your space, so you can carry it along each time you are out camping.

Coleman Sundome 4 Tent is the tent for those who are looking for the best tent for long-term camping; this tent will blow away your expectations.



The Wenzel Klondike is the best waterproof family camping tent. This is a caravan-style camping tent that ensures comfort and adequate space.

This top tent comes with a large sleeping area and a spacious screened porch where you can securely store your items.

Wenzel Klondike can comfortably fit 8 people, and 3 people can always sleep in the screened pouch because it is spacious enough. It has 6.5 feet of headroom, which makes it perfect for tall campers.

This is a weatherproof polyester-designed tent, making it possible to be used as a 3- season tent. It comes with a rainfly on the top, which enhances comfort regardless of the weather.

The tent is double stitched has flat sewn seams that ensure more protection. You will appreciate the type of ventilation offered by this tent. There are two doors; the first is at the front section, while the other is positioned at the screened porch. The two large windows in the main compartment mean you get more ventilation than offered by most premium camping tents.

If you are looking for the best tent for camping in high winds, you might want to consider this incredible tent.



If you love camping, you’ll likely know about ALPS Mountaineering. The brand has made a name for itself by consistently manufacturing reliable, durable, and affordable camping tents.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is a perfect example of the best cheap camping tent of 2021. This tent is perfect for backpackers who require a lightweight camping tent for long-distance camping.

We love that this camping tent can be used in various weather conditions. It is one of the best 2-person tents for wild camping; the tent can keep away excess heat and keep you warm when necessary.

The tent’s rainfly is UV resistant and comes with a vestibule for your storage. The one doorway is wide enough for two- people entry. The fly comes with buckles for better adjustability hence enhanced protection.

One of the best aspects of this cheap camping tent is that it is easy to set up. This tent from the Alps has two poles that go through the external hooks on the interior section. With this tent, you only get to clip the butterfly.



Looking for a sturdy wild camping tent? Here is the best wild camping tent that you can consider. This is a neatly designed camping tent that best suits backpackers and campers.

This lightweight 2-person tent features a dome design with a half-covered door that works as protection while in the camp. It also offers more protection from the wind, which can be advantageous when camping with kids who might not be comfortable in strong winds.

The tent’s exterior is made of polyester, highly weather-resistant material and one of the market’s best tent materials. The seams are excellently taped to protect you from harsh weather. The mesh vent is wide, thus adequate ventilation during high-temperature conditions.

This tent features several pockets in which you can store your gadgets and other essential camping gear.  You also get some hanging points where you can safely hang your lantern for better illumination.

The poles are made of fiberglass, which is lightweight and flexible; the guy lines are integrated into the fly to ensure security. The guy lines are quite visible, and you do not have to worry about tripping over at night. The webbing is highly visible hence easy to locate in darkness.



The Coleman Evanstone is one of the best tents for long term camping. This is a 6-person designed tent that seamlessly fits queen size air bed mattress and other camping gears.

The tent has an interior compartment and a porch. The compartment is large enough for six average-sized people; the porch provides more space for most of your gears.

This is a patented Weather Tec System, which is one of the features that make this tent stand out. There is a patented welded floor and has well-aligned seems that ensure comfort and warmth.

This top-rated tent for family camping is made of 75D taffeta polyester, a durable tent material. The aluminum alloy poles are durable and lightweight. The tent also has weatherproof cuffs, which prevent moisture or water from getting to the zippers.

For needed ventilation, this tent features an average-sized mesh and a wide zippered window. A rainfly is also included to help insulate the tent for those cold weather days.

The downside with this tent is that it is only 5-foot-tall, which means it is not suitable for tall people. Apart from this, you will enjoy using this best family camping tent.



SEMOO is another affordable camping tent on our list. This 4-person  camping tent comes with a spacious interior for small family or friends camping. The tent has a unique 3 separate rooms design for enhanced privacy.

The tent has a sturdy pole design that helps elevate the tent vertically for adequate standing space. Horizontally, this tent can seamlessly accommodate 3 large size air bed mattresses.

The tent is made of polyester, a durable material; it has an impressive water rating. Additionally, its 2- ply design prevents water and moisture from getting into the tent. The tent comes with waterproof doors and a mesh to ensure the insects stay out of the tent for better comfort.

This is easy to set up a camping tent. The durable fiberglass frame and pole pockets ensure a seamless installation process.



Featherstone is among the best lightweight 2-person camping tents on the market. You can already guess, this is a great tent for backpacking thanks to its low weight of 4.5 lbs.

The tent has a larger interior space that ensures you and your camping have enough room for sleeping and resting. The rest of the tent is made of a durable nylon material, which means that you will have this tent for the longest time. It has a steady aluminum pole that ensures easy setup.

The tent comes with a rainfly made of ripstop, which is durable. The quality of this rainfly beats those of some expensive camping tents. The seam-taped construction ensures excellent weather protection from rain and leakages. The bathtub floor design raises the tent to protect you from the wet floor.

This is relatively easy to set up, and you will have more than enough room once you have it all ready. The tent comes with a limited warranty and is accessory compatible; besides that, it comes with reflective guy lines, a waterproof footprint, and 12 aluminum stakes.



The Nordisk Telemark tent is designed for minimalist backpackers and campers. This is a streamlined camping tent that is made of durable materials.

This is one of the tents to consider when you are looking for the best for wild camping. It has the ability to regulate its temperatures, thus ensuring comfort; it also withstands strong winds, especially in the wild.

Nordisk is well- ventilated thanks to the mesh window, which is large enough for free air flow. The inner pockets are spacious for extra storage, and we love the fact that you can use the corner poles to convert the door into a tarp. The tent’s poles are made of aluminum, which is lightweight to ensure easy portability.

This is a single-pole tunnel design campers’ tent that comes with a silicon-coated flysheet.

The tent poles are color-coded to make the setup as easy as possible. You can rest assured that setting up this tent will not take much of your time.



The Eureka Copper Canyon tent is best for those to look for a 4- person vertical camping tent. This is the best small family camping tent in the market for different reasons, as discussed here.

First, this tent has a whooping 7 feet standing space to accommodate the tallest campers and offer adequate headroom to all users.

This is an excellent waterproof tent, which makes it suitable for three-season camping. It comes with a zippered power port that helps you access and check the state of your electric gears, such as camping lights.

The tent has large mesh windows that ensure ventilation as well as waterproof curtains for those chilly moments. The tent comes with two doors that are large enough to fit the size of any camper.

There is a divider in the middle to help you split your tent, especially when you are camping as a family. You can basically have bedroom-like privacy when camping in this best camping tent for family.

The high-stash pockets help keep your personal gadgets secure at all times. The overhead hammock style offers you more storage for your belongings.

You will set this tent up in less than 5 minutes thanks to the ring assembly system. The durable fiberglass frame comes with sleeves, a corner hub, and quick clips to ensure that setting up is a breeze. This is the best cheap camping tent for beginners.



CORE makes one of the best freestanding tents on the market. This tent is largely built using mesh material, which ensures maximum ventilation even when camping in high-temperature conditions.

This best family camping tent offers excellent weather resistance. It has flaps that cover the zippers on all the windows as well as the door. This is a great feature for camping in harsh conditions.

This is a 3-season tent that comes with a durable mesh ceiling. It includes 4 guy lines around to stake the fly to the floor and connected to the 4 poles using the tent’s straps. Due to its construction, the tent does not do so well in high winds.

CORE 6-person Cabin tent features tall walls to ensure spacious space for your rest. The tent seamlessly opens just like an umbrella while the poles are attached to the tent.

With this tent, you get a wall port for electricity just when you are camping on a modern campsite. It also has a lantern hook. The tent has a vestibule for extra storage for your other camping gears.



Honorable Mentions

Here are some other top camping tents that you might want to consider:

  • Nemo Aurora Backpacking Tent – vibrantly designed camping tent that offers a roomy interior for the utmost camping experience. This is a lightweight and durable best-camping tent that also comes with extra storage for your belongings. The tent comes with a lifetime warranty to back up its quality claim.
  • Hyke & Byke Yosemite Backpacking Tents – colorfully designed to brighten up your camping days. This 2-person camping tent offers generous sleeping and luggage storage space than most premium tents in the market. This is a freestanding lightweight hiker and campers’ tent that is also designed to last long. A lifetime warranty backs up this quality top camping tent.
  • Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent – affordable, lightweight backpacking tent. The tent comes with a full-seam taped construction to help keep the tent warm as much as possible. It is easy to set up thanks to its freestanding two poles make. The interior storage bag can be used to store different kinds of personal belongings. This camping tent from Kelty Salida is durable and worth the money.
  • Coleman Instant Family Tent – fits up to 8 people; hence ideal for family camping. It features a pre-attached pole design, which makes it a breeze to set up. Coleman Instant camping tent comes with welded floors and inverted seams, which ensures the tent is dry at all times by constantly drain water off. This camping tent lacks a functional rainfly, making it unsuitable for winter camping but can hold up its performance during summer, where less rain and winds are expected.
  • Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent – one of the cheapest 4-person camping tents on the market. This camping tent sets up easily thanks to its hydraulic pressure mechanism. It is lightweight and makes use of fiberglass poles to ensure it remains lightweight for backpacking and hiking. Nightlife cat camping tent is made of 210D Oxford fabric and features a PE tarp floor, ensuring comfort and proper insulation.
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