Best camping lights for tents

Best Camping Lights for Tents in 2021

A reliable camping light is a must-have when you are looking forward to escaping the city life into the wild for some well-deserved time off. The best camping lights will consistently provide the needed light for your night camping.

There are different types of camping lights; battery-powered, solar-powered and those that can only be charged using electricity. These lights are also available in different designs and weights, making it necessary to do some homework before purchasing some camping lights.

We set out to find the best camping lights to help you save time. We reviewed our top 10 best camping lights in 2021 (as you will find below). But first, here is a glance of the best camping lights for the money.

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Choosing the Best Camping Lights: 2021 Buyer's Guide

How do you choose the best camping light for your outdoor life? It can be quite challenging and boring, having to go through thousands of customer reviews to find the best camping lights. Well, we’ve done the homework for you – this buyer’s guide is all you need when setting out to choosing the best camping lights.

1) POWER SOURCE – Solar powered camping lights are popular among campers. They are economical and use a clean, renewable energy source from the sun. The main disadvantage with these is that they require a decent amount of sunlight to charge, which makes them slightly challenging to use when camping during winter.

Battery powered camping lights use the ordinary AAA or AA batteries to operate. There are those with rechargeable batteries, so you will need to recharge them when they run out. For some lights, you have to replace the batteries. These lights are usually lightweight, however, making them very portable.

Electric camping lights often feature a rechargeable battery to allow you to charge it fully before heading out. These lights are easy to operate and offer enough lighting as long as they remain charged. They are the best choice for city or town campers who have access electricity.

With camping lights, you may not require powerful source of energy. These types of lights typically consume less amount of energy hence perfect for outdoors. LEDs are designed to offer more brightness than other lights, but they require a little more energy as compared to the lights that use fluorescent bulbs.

2) BRIGHTNESS (LUMEN) – The higher the lumens, the brighter your camping lights. Lumen is simply the amount of light that a source of light emits. 

The amount of brightness best for camping will depend on individual preferences. For example, you may need a light that features more lumens if you intend to have a large campsite. However, you have to remember that higher lumens lights will drain out the battery quickly, and you may need a backup or a long-running light in this instance.

The trick to using your camping light for longer is to run the light in a low lumen or get a low lumen light for efficiency. High lumen lights can be all good when camping, but you should remember that your eyesight might be affected over time.

3) SIZE – The size of the camping light you buy is important. As a camper, you need a lightweight and small light for easy portability and storage. Collapsible camping lights are the best for a minimalist camper, these types of lights fold easily for storage.

4) CONSTRUCTION – There are several camping lanterns on the market, which makes it hard to know which lights are durable, and which aren’t.

The best camping lanterns are made of heavy-duty materials, preferably air-craft grade ABS. We often advise that campers get waterproof lights since these are made to withstand any harsh climatic conditions. Additionally, it is best to go for bulbs that are heat resistant to ensure that you don’t scorch each type you are trying to touch it.

Ensure that your light handles are durable to avoid falls from where you hang it. Durable camping lights are often priced on the higher side, but they offer value for the money in the long run.

5) LENGTH OF THE STRING LIGHT – When it comes to string camping lights, the area you want to illuminate will give you an idea of how long your string light should be. Some string lights can be interlinked using a code to form a longer light; the challenge is always finding a reliable source of power to match their power consumption.

6) EASE OF USE – Your camping lights should be easy to use. Most of the camping lights on the market are designed with switches which are used to increase or decrease brightness and switching it or on or off.  Some lights come with extra features such as a USB port where one can plug their camera or smartphone to charge.

It is also important to consider the rest of your camping buddies when buying a camping lighting. It would be best if everyone found the lights ease to operate.

7) PRICE – Camping lights come at different prices, and for this reason, it is crucial to determine your budget beforehand. Camping lights are generally affordable; you want to choose one that is within your budget without compromising on quality.

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10 Best Camping Lights

SUAOKI is the overall best camping lighting brand in the market. Their camping lights offer exceptional brightness while remaining weather resistance and durable for years to come.

These are the best outdoor solar lights for camping, and come with an advantage of being USB chargeable. There is a smart protection chip that will ensure your safety by shutting down charging just when it is fully charged.

These are clover designed lights that can be used in different ways; you can either hang them from the tent thanks to the durable hook. Alternatively, just place them at a corner, and it will be stable on its base.

Amazingly, you get to adjust the three lampshades independently for that perfect lighting needed for various needs. The lanterns feature interchangeable modes; high, SOS, and low.

For a long-lasting effect, the lights are made of durable material that is also waterproof hence suitable for different outdoor conditions.

SUAOKI Understands that portability is crucial to any backpacker; these lights are compact in design and extremely lightweight. There is absolutely no excuse as to why you can’t take them with you!



Ryno Tuff are modern style camping lights that are designed for your convenience. The Ryno Tuff LED lights are remote controlled for a hands-off experience. The remote features 5 settings that you can seamlessly interchange from 35 feet away.

One feature that we love most about this best camping lights is its insect- enemy yellow bulb that does a great job keeping all insects away. This is an ideal light if you find insects annoying each time you are outdoors having a good time.

The bulb can run for about 300 hours when on its lowest settings. However, you can expect less run time with the highest bulb setting, which features 150 lumens. This is a dustproof and waterproof LED camping light best for all-weather camping.

This solar-powered lights for camping charge for a reasonable amount of time so that you are not caught up in the darkness. With this camping lighting, you get a hanging hook to enable you to hang it inside or outside the tent depending on the need.

This product is one of the best camping lights for tents, featuring a neat  (and powerful) piece of gear to carry with you whenever headed for camping or jungle hiking.



The LE LED Camping Lantern is one of the more popular best camping lights for camping. There are several reasons as to why this camping lantern is on top of the list. First, this lighting will save you money thanks to its versatility; its lighting is perfect for dining, repair shops, pets room and more.

You will fall in love with the all-around projection which ensures there is adequate lighting in your vicinity. Additionally, this lighting comes with two hooks that make it possible for you to hang at any point of your camping tent.

There are four different lights are also dimmable. This is easy to use the lantern, to adjust the lighting, just hold down the main button, and you will notice an increase in brightness.

This is a battery-powered light for camping that uses 3-D size batteries that are not part of this purchase.  It has a waterproof feature to ensure that harsh weather conditions do not compromise its functionality.



If you love eco camping, then you can consider this SUAOKI LED rechargeable camping lantern. This is one of the best solar-powered lights for camping on the market. Besides, you get an option of charging it via a USB.

This mini collapsible flashlight is a powerful source of lighting while in the wild. The light comes with a USB port and cable for convenient charging.

With this camping lantern, you get to use three easy settings; Low, high and SOS for emergencies. Clearly, this is a versatile camping light perfect for all outdoor activities. When fully charged, the light offers 10 hours in low settings and 5 hours of lighting at low setting.

This is one of the best tent camping lights thanks to its small handles that can easily be used to hang the lamp from above your tent for hands- free experience.  This camping lantern doubles as a gadget charger thanks to the USB port on the side.

This is a small light that easily fits into your backpack. What is more interesting is that you don’t have to pack it as it is, you can fold it down to save on maximum space. You can get this best camping lights for tents in 2021 at an affordable price.



Luminoodle LED lights are truly irresistible. These are kind of lighting that you will enjoy using every now and then whilst camping.

These are electricity rechargeable camping LED lights. They last up to 3.5 hours when fully charged using a 400mAh power bank. The lights offer a 360 degrees brightness that is enough for operation in camp darkness. Fortunately, these LED lights are waterproof hence suitable for different outdoor conditions.

If you need an extensive beautiful and serene atmosphere, then the 10 feet version will suit you. The 5 feet version is suitable for those looking for lighting over a small area.

With these lights, you get a nylon carrier bag which you can change to a lantern and use in your camping tent.



If you are looking for a colorful camping light, then the Coleman LED string lights will be a great option. These lights are one of the most stylish and unique camping lights out here.

These best battery powered lights for camping allow you to enjoy excellent lighting for night time camping needs.

These lights can stretch up to 7ft and offer close to 20 hours of continuous lighting. The battery comes in a small pack, and you can carry two or three of those depending on how long you intend to camp.  These lights require 3-AA batteries to function.

We love the serenity and beautiful sight that comes with these best solar camping string lights for camping.



There is so much to love about Etekcity, one of the best outdoor battery lights for camping brands.  If you need lighting over a large area, then this camping light will be ideal for you.

The light uses 3-AAA batteries to power the light’s LED, which offers 60 lumens with 12 hours of continuous brightness. They can be hanged from a tree or camping tent to offer you the 360 lightings you need to keep your activities going at the campsite.

The lights feature a collapsible design so that you have enough space left for other gears after you pack it.

For durability, the lights are designed using military-grade aluminium which is one of the most durable material out there.  The lights will not break on impact in case they accidentally drop, that is how sturdy they are. They are also weather-resistant camping hence the best camping light for those looking for a light that will withstand any conditions thrown at them.



The Mallome LED Camping Lantern lights are a great option for those looking for the best battery powered lights for camping. The lights are made of durable ABS plastic which makes them water resistance at all times.

The lights come in a set of four, which makes them one the brightest camping lights. They use 3- AAA batteries and come with a set of12 batteries for starting. The lantern lighting last up to 25 hours, and you have an option of carrying an extra pack of batteries when you intend to camp for longer.

This are portable camping lights thanks to their collapsible nature; toss them in the bag and go. Mallome LED camping lights feature a power of 350 lumens which is decent for tent lighting.



The Vont LED camping lanterns offer a unique design without compromising on lighting.  You can easily light this lantern by unfolding the handles and lifting them. In the same way, the amount of light you get depends on how far you pull the handle. This means that you get more lighting when you pull the handle further.

These lights are lightweight and small in size; their collapsible design ensures that they seamlessly fit your backpack. At its highest, the light emits all-round illumination from the 30 LEDs. This lantern requires 2- AA batteries to offer about  90 hours of bright lighting.

For durability, this lantern brand uses aircraft grade materials that are also waterproof. You can simply use this camping light in wet conditions without worrying about compromising in functionality.

Vont provides a lifetime warranty and support to back up the performance, durability and brightness claims. All in all, you will be happy to have invested in these incredible outdoor lights.



The Ezorkas camping lights are truly irresistible. These lights feature a collapsible design which makes it easy to carry.

If you are looking for an easy to use best outdoor camping lights, think Ezorkas. The brightness increases significantly when pulling up the handles. To reduce the brightness, simply fold down the lantern.

These 2 packs camping lights come with 2 USB charging cables and buyer manual to ensure that you have a smooth experience.  These lanterns use 3-AAA batteries that you will have to buy separately.

This best camping light comes with three functions; strobe mode, SOS and flashlight function. It comes with a handle which you can use to hang from the tent or tree for enhanced lighting and hands-free experience.

This is a long-lasting camping light thanks to its ABS make, that provides weather resistance.



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Honorable Mentions

The following camping lights didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still great products that you should check out:

  • Hallomall Outdoor Camping Light – another contender for the best battery powered light for camping. The light comes with 24 LEDs and allows you to switch between 3 settings for your preferred lighting. The light features red and blue lights making it suitable for use in emergency states. You will appreciate the 360-degrees lighting technology which allows you to place your light anywhere in the tent.
  • Brightown Outdoor String Lights – ensure you have an amazing outdoor experience. These lights are 25 feet long with G40 bulbs. These best camping lights are waterproof with incandescent bulbs that last up to 1100 hours. The bulbs can be replaced so that you continue enjoying your outdoor life.
  • Karrong Camping Light Lantern – among the smallest yet durable best camping lanterns in the market. The light’s design allows you to hang it from the tent for better light dispersion. This might not be the brightest camping light, but it dies a great job offering decent lighting in small camping set up. This is power bank rechargeable camping light that will ensure you have enough lighting for your night camping activities.
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern – features a classic design that you will instantly fall in love with. This is a USB hub modern lantern with no imitations in the market. This is a solar-powered light that also doubles as a charge to your gadgets such as a camera and phone. If you need 360 degrees lighting that is long-lasting, then Goal Zero is your best choice.
  • MPOWERED Luci Original Inflatable Light – simple to use camping light that is also durable and affordable. This solar-powered camping lantern charges in less than 6 hours but stays bright for more than 10 hours. This is a waterproof camping light which makes it an idea for several outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, and more.
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