Best Camping Kitchen Equipment

Best Camping Kitchen Equipment in 2021

Life in the great outdoors is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Bringing the right camping kitchen equipment will allow you to enjoy your favourite meals, even when miles away from home. With countless kitchen equipment on the market, it can leave you head-scratching as you try to determine which ones will best serve your camping needs.

An important thing to point out is that the best camping kitchen equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. In this article, we list the camping kitchen must-haves and recommend products that we’ve used, that will provide convenience during your camping trip.

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A propane stove is one of the best camping kitchen accessories thanks to the convenience it offers. Quite a good number of propane stoves feature two-burner options. The burners are connected to a propane gas tank to facilitate cooking.

Coleman Gas Camping stove is the best camping stove that comes at a reasonable price. The two-burners are high-powdered and designed to withstand harsh conditions. This means that you can enjoy preparing meals in the open air without the flame going off. We found the flame to be steady, allowing it to facilitate well-prepared food.

Stansport Outfitter Series Propane Camp Stove is a three-burner unit that is ideal for camping with family and friends. It has an electric igniter making it convenient at all times. It also features a huge flame that is steady for fast cooking. What’s more amazing is that it comes with a high-pressure regulator, which makes it safer to travel with anywhere.

A 20lb propane gas tank is enough for moderate cooking over a shorter period of camping. If you intend to camp for longer than 5 days, then a 40lb propane gas tank will be ideal for you-this will ensure that you also get enjoy foods such as stews which take longer to prepare.

Camping Kitchen Unit

A kitchen unit ensures that you have enough cooking space each time you go out camping.  Outsunny 6” Aluminum Portable Kitchen is undoubtedly the best camping kitchen unit there is. This is a spacious kitchen unit that is made to provide cooking comfort to campers.

Outsunny 6” Aluminum Portable Kitchen features a single aluminium top and two MDF countertops. Its’ aluminum wide stove is integrated with a windscreen dedicated to protecting the flame from dimming due to strong winds in the field.

This best camping kitchen unit ensures maximum protection of your food from insects and birds. Its comes with three large pockets that you can use to store extra gear, food and more. The three compartments are zippered but breathable to keep your food fresh for a long time.

This camping kitchen unit from Outsunny is straightforward to set up and use. Its aluminium body enhances durability making it one of the most long-lasting camping kitchen units for the money.

The only downside with this unit is that its MDF countertop lacks waterproofing features.

Happbuy is a trusted brand; this camping kitchen unit is worth checking out.  This affordable, portable kitchen unit comes with three tabletops and a single cook table and three large storage cupboards.

This is the best camping kitchen unit when you are looking for multiple storage spaces. The unit has side pockets on either side for knives and spoons. This is easy to set up a unit that makes your camping life a breeze by eliminating storage headache.

Kitchen Set

This is a 3- piece cookware that comes with two pots and one pan. The pots have a capacity of 3 litres each which is decent for large quantity cooking.

The frying pans and pots are made of stainless steel with extra thick bases for better cooking.  The handles of this cooking set are foldable, and this makes storage easy. This best camping kitchen set is safe to use; the lids come with rubber tabs that make handling safe. This is a versatile kitchen set that is compatible with any camping stovetop.

This GSI outdoor cookset is great for family camping. It is also made of stainless steel like the Primus cookset above. This is a 5-piece set that is designed with convenience in mind.  The set has 2 and 3 litres of pots which are large enough for family cooking while camping. Additionally, this set allows you to cook multiple dishes at once, owing to the 5 pots.

Folding Table

A foldable kitchen table is crucial as it helps you serve your foods and eat comfortably. GCI Outdoor Compact Camp table is the best camping kitchen table in the market. This is a lightweight but stable foldable camping table that easily fits three people.

If you are looking for a table that also has a storage space, then the Camp Chef Sherpa Camp table is for you. It has four storage compartments that ensure you stay organized as you enjoy your meals. This table can also double as the best camping kitchen stand. The top surface of the table is large enough to serve two people.

Kitchen Tent

The weather can be quite unpredictable when camping. A well-covered kitchen station will prevent weather elements from affecting what you have going on.  The best camping kitchen tents are made of waterproof material so that you can have peace of mind preparing meals even during harsh conditions. The tent should also provide adequate side wind protection so that your flames are not put off.

YDYL screen House for Outdoor Kitchen is made of durable fibreglass and steel for the needed stability during outdoor use. This is an easy to install kitchen tent that can be used anywhere. This best camping kitchen tent protects you from ultra violet rays of the sun which are harmful to the skin. This means you can cook comfortably under the scorching sun. Additionally, the kitchen tent allows you to hang the lantern from the poles at night.

Camping Cutlery

While camping, you pretty much just need to prepare your meals and eat. While most campers prefer to use plastic cutlery, you might need to invest in durable cutlery for a better camping experience.

Stansport’s Deluxe 24-piece Enamel Tableware set is a classy and eco-friendly tableware set for your camping.  The set will take care of your family camping eating needs and can as well as be used at home. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.  

Lake Country Collapsible Silicone Measuring Cups and spoons are ideal for campers with limited space. The set is lightweight and durable kitchen accessories that ensure you have your ingredients in the right amount. You may also check out these collapsible water storage containers; perfect for minimalist campers.

When looking for cheap and durable campfire roasting sticks, consider the Carpanthen Campfire Marshmallow and Hot Dog roasting sticks. The set comes with 6 insulated sticks perfect for family use. The set ensures that your food is roasted evenly for that appetizing appearance.

Cast iron is probably the most popular cookware among campers. Cast iron is made for every campfire. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is the jack of all trades. You will appreciate its versatility; the skillet can be used on campfires, in the oven, cover the grill.  Lodge deep camp Dutch oven lets you cook all types of foods no matter the quantity, thanks to its spacious design. You will love this handle grill if you wish to enjoy well-prepared pancakes and eggs away from home.

You need a knife that is consistently sharp for a long time. Kacebela 8 inches Stainless steel knife is the best camping kitchen knife on the market. The knife has a sharp edge to ensure that you have an easy time chopping your foods. We love the ergonomic handles that enhance comfort and eliminate finger fatigue when preparing your ingredients. This is a multifunctional knife that will suit your mincing, chopping, slicing and more. The knife comes with a pocket to ensure safety when not in use, especially during transportation.

With the best camping kitchen knife, you need a lightweight, durable and pocket-friendly chopping board. An ideal chopping board should be thick to create stability and comfort when chopping. If you are looking for a chopping board that is up to the task, then consider Fatouzy Plastic Utility Cutting board.

You need a durable and dedicated pot holder to enhance safety.  The Kadgiga potholder is a set of 4 durable cookware holder. These are silicone mints that are highly heat resistant. They come with a hanging hole so that they can be hanged when not in use.

Kitchen Napkins

Taking care of the environment is your number one responsibility when camping. Reusable napkins are the best option when camping. They can be washed and dried for continuous use without causing harm to the environment.

Disposable paper towels are also ideal during camping. Several compressed paper towels are perfect for minimalist campers Such towel swell-up once you pour water on them so that you can use them for cleaning.

Food Storage Equipment

Bear canisters can be used to store food items. These kitchen accessories ensure that your kitchen food is stored safely away from animals and ants. These canisters can be used to store food remains so that you keep your environment as clean as possible. The Frontiersman Bear Canister is lightweight, space-saving and offers a larger capacity of 11.8liters of storage which makes it ideal for long camping. This camping kitchen accessory is airtight and seamlessly seals in odors to keep bears and other animals away.

Camping Cooler

Imagine being able to enjoy your favourite ice cream, cold beer, and cheese in the wild! A camping cooler ensures your food is kept at the right temperatures, thus inhibiting bacteria growth.

A good camping cooler should be able to keep your food in a good state for about 5-7 days. The best camping cooler is Coleman 5-Day 70QT Xtreme Cooler. This unit can keep the ice intact up to 5 days even when camping during high temperatures.

The Coleman 5-Day 70QT Xtreme Cooler is spacious to hold enough food and drinks without compromising on the state. In fact, the cooler has can holders to keep your drinks intact.

For convenience, the cooler comes with large wheels that can easily go over uneven terrain. This means you can wheel your food and drinks to a place of your choice while camping.

The Igloo BMX is a modern camping cooler that features cooler riser technology. It has the ability to keep your food and drinks in good condition for up to 5 days. It offers a skid pad which acts as an additional layer of ice protection. We love the strain odor resistant feature that ensures chest freshness at all times. The cooler’s hands are excellently padded, and the wheels are all-terrain. Whichever way you wish to transport this camping cooler, you will find it convenient.

Washing Table and Sink

With camping comes limited storage space. It can be quite challenging to wash your utensils as well as clothes. Fortunately, the PORTAL Lightweight Aluminum Folding Square Table is equipped with all you need to get everything clean. This washing table features two sinks with removable drainage plugs. This is a lightweight; aluminum made camping sink and table that ensures versatile and convenience. We love how seamlessly this table collapses into a flat preparation table. This is a foldable design for easy storage.

Cold creek Outfitters Outdoor washing table is another best camping washing table with sink worth the money. It also comes with two deep sinks. The sinks come with lids used to cover up the sinks when not in use so that you can convert it into an ordinary camp dining table. This is an extremely durable camping kitchen accessory that is fairly priced.

Campfire Tripod

If you love your foods simmered, then a campfire tripod is a necessity. This camping accessory allows you to hang your kettles and cookware over the fire effortlessly. Campfire tripods are made of steel or aluminium;  they come in different heights depending on individual need. We recommend this Alocs Camping Tripod; the tripod is easy to adjust thanks to its S-shaped hook that is also durable. It also has an adjustable hanging chain and is scratch-resistant.

If you wish to buy a tripod with an area where your pot can sit on, then the Stansport Grill Tripod will be ideal.

Coffee Set

Camping Coffee set

With a coffee set, you get to enjoy your favourite drink away from home.  If you love to pour-over coffee brewing method, then GSI Outdoor Java Drip Pourover Coffee maker is what you need. This coffee maker is enough to prepare enough drink for everyone in your team. This portable coffee grinder is ideal for a light backpacker who is looking for a grinder that is dedicated to the job. You also need a coffee filter.  

An insulated coffee mug will keep your drink warm and of course, protect your fingers at all costs. Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite stainless Coffee Percolator comes with a permanent filter basket, this means you get no mess when serving your coffee.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

Cooking over the campfire with bare hands can be dangerous without gloves. A pair of heat resistant gloves will enable you to pick up your cooking pots, grates without putting your hands at risk of getting burnt.

 Most campers can get away with using other types of gloves on a campfire, but when you need assured protection, you need the Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves.

Water Tank

Having clean water to use and drink is essential. A water tank allows you to store enough water for your daily cooking and drinking without fear of being inconvenienced.  The best camping water tanks feature a tap at best for ease of use. Reliance Products Aqua-Pak 5 Gallon is an example of an ideal water storage tank with a decent capacity for camping.

Cleaning Equipment

You need to clean up after enjoying your meal. Cleaning is necessary to keep ants, insects and animal away from your camping site. For cleaning, you obviously need a scrubbing cloth and a sponge.  This dish scrub from Crown choice is a perfect dishwashing cloth thanks to its ability to scour away burnt stains without causing scratches to your dishes surface. This is an odor-free cleaning rag that is also durable. 

The Sierra Dawn Campsuds is an all-purpose cleaner. This liquid soap eliminates the need for you to carry another type of soaps. This all-purpose cleaner is suitable for washing your clothes, dishes and hands. We love the fact that this soap is made of natural ingredients that will not be harmful to your skin.

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Additional Camping Kitchen Equipment to Consider

First Aid Kit

Bringing a first aid kit is incredibly important for camping. Here is a small but fully equipped first aid kit for your kitchen emergencies. We love the fact that it has the essential supplies you need to treat minor kitchen knife or burn injuries.

Instant Thermometer

Make the perfect steak using this Instant Thermometer. Cooking outdoors can be hectic, especially on the campfire. However, with this thermometer, you can easily know the exact temperatures of the foods you are preparing in your oven.  This is a great kitchen camping accessory to consider.


After washing your dishes, you need a germ killer to clean your buckets.  The 350ML Blue Light Nano Steam Disinfectant Spray Machine is one of the best affordable disinfectants. This is a safe household disinfectant that you can also use to clean your cleaning buckets and surfaces. It is tough on germs and gentle on your hands.

Charcoal Chimney Starter

Charcoal Chimney starters are perfect for starting your grill easily. With this, you won’t have to endure smoke as you set up your grill. Redcamp Charcoal Chimney starter is an affordable collapsible charcoal chimney which is also large enough for camping barbecues, gardening grilling, tailgate parties and more. This is a rust-resistant camping accessory that is designed for high performance and durability.

Egg holder

Eggs are fragile, but that should never stop you from cooking them during camping. One of the most obvious ways to transport eggs is by using an egg holder.  There are several types of egg holders, but we feel a plastic one does the job. The Coghlan’s egg holder will carry a dozen eggs which is a fair number if you don’t intend to camp for long. There are larger sizes that you can also consider, check out this one here.

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